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What brings to your mind when speaking about Belgium? Premium chocolates? Waffles? Beer? its rich history of culture and art? Actually, Belgium is very forward in hi-tech industries and startups, for example, its semiconductor sector is quite advancing worldwide. On 11/17 (Fri), Startup Grind Shenzhen is very proud to co-host with Belgium Embassy for an  Belgian Startups Open Day (actually the event is in evening, but we call it that). See details below:

访谈嘉宾 | Firechat Guests

1、比利时创业团队 Belgian Startup Guest


Phasya develops software for monitoring a person’s physiological and cognitive states – such as drowsiness, stress, workload, and mind wandering – from physiological signals and images, mainly related to the person’s eyes and face. This software enables one to assess an individual’s ability to perform a task or make a decision, mainly for safety applications, e.g. to monitor the operator of a car or train.

2、深圳创业团队:易晨虚拟现实技术有限公司 YC Virtul Reality 

易晨VR是一家全球领先的虚拟现实软件公司,拥有两个主要的业务服务板块:VR建筑可视化和VR室内设计工具。易晨VR拥有出色的实时渲染能力和对建筑设计行业的深入理解,现在已经成功与众多顶级房地产开发商,设计巨头和全球零售公司有过项目合作(包括宜家,京东,万达,万科,银河,Centralcon,Gensler,AECOM,J&A Design等等)。自2016年成立以来,公司已经成功完成两轮融资,投资者包括中国一些顶级风险投资公司,上市公司以及HTC。易晨VR获得过众多技术大奖,也是VR行业领导者HTC VIVE的首批官方内容合作伙伴。

YC Virtual Reality Co., Ltd. (YCVR) is one of the leading VR software companies globally, with two main business segments: VR architectural visualization and VR interior design tool.With superior real-time rendering capabilities, and in-depth understanding of the of design industry, YCVR is now a trusted partner for many top real-estate developers, design giants, and global retail companies, including IKEA,, Wanda, Wanke, Galaxy, Centralcon, Gensler, AECOM, J&A Design and many more.Since founded in 2016, the company has succeed in receiving two rounds of investment from some of the top VCs in China, publicly traded company and HTC.  Winner of numerous technology awards, YCVR is also the first official content partner of VR industry leader, HTC Vive.

3、深圳的国外创业团队:Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker是一家产品开发平台,聚集了 世界各地的人才来创造产品原型,并且制造和营销。该平台由在深圳的歪果仁成立,每一位都贡献了自己的经验和人际网络。Trouble Maker同时提供办公场所、联合办公场所、原型实验室,通过提供内部设计和工程支持,供应商、制造商、营销人员、商务人员和投资者网络,使其别具一格。Trouble Maker的哲学在中国以外的地方也同样找到肥沃的土壤。目前在挪威、德国和澳大利亚均有分部。

Trouble Maker is a product development platform where people from all over the world come to prototype, manufacture and market products. The company is founded by four expats living in Shenzhen, each contributing with their experience and network.Trouble Maker provides office space, co-working space and prototyping laboratories and makes a difference by offering in-house design and engineering and a network of suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, business specialists and investors.The philosophy of Trouble Maker has also found fertile ground outside of China. Currently locations are opened in Norway, Germany and Myanmar with Australia to follow soon.

活动议程 | Agenda

6:30-7:00 pm 签到 Sign-in
7:00 pm-7:15 pm 茶歇和开场介绍 Welcome Drink & Mingle & Opening Intros
7:15 pm-8:15 pm 创业团队访谈 Fireside chat with a Belgian startup snd local startups
8:15 pm-9:30 pm 社交 Networking

活动信息 | Event Info


Time: 2017-11-17 (Fri), 6:30PM-9:30PM

地点:深圳南山区科苑南路3331号阿里中心T2座12楼 神鲸空间

Location:12F, T2, Ali Center, 3331 Keyuan South Road,  Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Language: English

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